A Night in Paris Slots

This marks the release, from Betsoft and with each slot they continue to impress. Hopefully their upcoming releases will maintain the level of quality. Paris has always been a setting for writers and artists. Now its making its mark in the world of slots. A Night in Paris by Betsoft offers a take on the city of love and lights showcasing a side from the typical Hollywood portrayal. Drawing inspiration from cinema this game offers players a charming glimpse into Parisian life after dark.

Experience A Night in Paris

A Night in Paris features 5 reels and 30 paying out lines, centered around a heist orchestrated by a small time thief while being thwarted by a security guard and his trusty canine companion. The Eiffel Tower along with other elements such as croissants, sculptures, vases, doves, romantic scenes at cafes as well as characters, like the thief and security guard duo. Bonus symbols include the badge of the Paris security agency and an intriguing painting.

Theme and Artistry

The game boasts visuals, a signature trait of all titles, by this developer, coupled with soothing melodies in the background. Taking place in Paris our protagonist Jacques finds himself drawn to the museums art pieces safeguarded by the robust security guard Jerome and his loyal canine companion Pierre. The layout follows Betsofts style with the main character positioned to the right of the slot machine enthusiastically cheering on as winning combinations land on the reels.

Playing A Night in Paris involves money. Play money options. The betting range per coin falls between $0.02 and $1 allowing a maximum of 5 coins per line and a top bet limit of $75. The game offers up to 150 coins as its payout for landing five security guard symbols. Below the reels are controls for adjusting coin value coins per line and active paylines. For added convenience there is a Max Bet button; however an autoplay feature is notably absent, from this game.

Three exciting interactive elements await players, in this game. Free spins come with 3 or more police badges triggering a play where a thief is pursued by a security guard and his loyal dog.

The multiplier feature comes into play when the thief, police shield and security guard symbols appear together leading to a win that is multiplied by the bet for that particular spin.

My personal favorite feature is 'caught in the museum,' which is initiated with 3 or more Napoleon paintings. This unlocks an animated sequence where players must showcase their skills and cunning to apprehend the thief and claim their prize or some might call it a reward!

In addition to these features there is a bonus round for spins and instant rewards in the game. To trigger the free spins land the security guards badge three times on the reels. Getting three symbols awards a minimum of 5 spins with even more spins available for landing 4 or 5 badges. Once activated players witness the thrilling chase as the thief appears on screen and the pursuit ensues with the guard and his trusty dog hot on their heels across the screen, with each spin of the reels.

In the end the security guard manages to catch the thief. Removes them from the premises. There's also a feature called rewards that activates when specific symbols align, on the slot machine reels. To trigger this feature you need to match either the security guard, badge and thief in that sequence or the thief, badge and security guard. This feature acts as a multiplier significantly boosting your winnings. Another bonus round kicks, in when you land three painting symbols on the reels. While players may eventually unlock spins accessing the other two game bonuses proves to be more challenging.